desert adventure

3 days itinerary: December 16th-18th, 2019


Day 1 : Hammamet / El Jem/  Matmata/ Douz / Sahara

Early morning departure from Hammamet  to El Jem


Visit of the Roman Colosseum. It is the third biggest & the best-preserved amphitheater in the Roman world (listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1979 ). The discovery then continues to the Archaeological Museum of El Djem.

Heading to MATMATA

Lunch Break

After lunch, commented visit of the troglodytic houses, the Berber traditional houses, built underground (within the rocks). Matmata is notably famous for being a set for Star Wars’ most legendary scenes. Matmata is indeed Luke Skywalker’s hometown. The set used for the film is still standing.

Descent from the Dahare mountains toward Douz

The itinerary starts by the colinear and stony landscape and as visitors pass through the intervening “palmeraie” (palm grove), the sight of the Grand Erg Oriental unveils its magic, a seeming mirage until you set foot on its sandy shore.


Arriving at Douz Hotel 4*

By sun set, weshall explore the Sahara in a camel caravan on the dunes of the Western erg, a unique and moving experience.

DINNER and overnight stay in Douz Hotel 4*

Day 2 : Douz/ Bled el Mrazigues : Chott El Jerid /  Tozeur/Ong El Jmal/Chebika/ Tamarza/ Mides

Early morning departure by bus to Douz, stop by the village to discover the Saharan life style, par excellence.

Heading to Bled el Mrazigues inhabited by nomadictribes, of Tripolitanorigin, settled between the Sahara and the Salt Desert. Stop at the hot springs, discover an ingenious hydraulic system invented to cool the water and maintain the life of the palm groves.


Chott El Jerid

The visit carries on to Chott el Jérid, an immense salt desert, one of the most peculiar expressions of nature.


After Chott el Jérid, we shall discover Tozeur the “palm city”. 

LUNCH and arrivingvat the hotel in Tozeur 4*

Ong El Djemal/Chebika/ Tamarza/ Mides

After lunch, take a ride ona 4×4 to the Atlas Mountains, a majestic geological reserve, to visit the three mountain oasis: Chebika, Tameghza and Mides. The visit reveals another facet of the great south of Tunisia where people live in a perpetual struggle in the face of the arid nature. Stop on the canyons and waterfalls as well as on the medieval villages destroyed by the torrential rains. Continue towards the desert of Ong El Djmal visit of the Star Wars’ movie set (maywatch the sunset on the dunes of Nefta! ).

End of the day return to the hotel of Tozeur.


DAY 3 : Tozeur / Kairouen / Hammamet

Departure from Tozeur to Kairouan

LUNCH in Kairouan

Attempt to visit the large mosque (depending on the opening hours).

Taste and/or buy the Makroudh (the local pastry filled with dates, emblematic of the city).

Price per person: 135 € / 330Dt for Tunisians 

Places are limited!

– Transport by minibus

– Assistance Guide lecturer Accompanist (English)

– Full board accommodation

– Hotel accommodation in Douz 4* and Tozeur 4*

– Excursion in 4X4 to the Atlas Mountains

– Camel ride to Douz

If you want to enjoy the sun in December, the Tunisian Sahara is the place to be.