About Jeunes Psy

Jeunes Psy is the Tunisian Association of Early Career Psychiatrists and Child Psychiatrists. It was created in 2011 to respond to a progressing need to change the paradigm of Psychiatry in Tunisia.
The association was created to encourage modern approaches, bringing new perspectives to trainees and early career psychiatrists in Tunisia.


We promote opportunities to share knowledge and experiences between psychiatric trainees and early-career psychiatrists, spreading information on various relevant scientific events, aiming to improve the quality of psychiatry training.
Since 2011,Jeunes Psy has become a recognized stakeholder in the academic and practical training of trainees in general adult psychiatry and child psychiatry, and has contributed to the organization of several scientific events in Tunisia.
So far Jeunes Psy organised:
  • English Corners: a monthly event where trainees gather for short communication and articles discussions under the supervision of senior psychiatrists.
  • Interdepartmental staffs: held once every two or three months, where trainees present clinical cases from their daily practice to other psychiatrists, seniors and juniors, from different departments.
  • Methodological seminars: a monthly research seminar, which provides basic training on essential tools to help trainees to be able to conduct research, for example supporting them to conduct their thesis and writing scientific articles.
  • Psychotherapy practical training: courses on different psychotherapy modalities, such as CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, ACT, amongst others.
  • Neurobiology seminars: seminars held in collaboration with other departments, such as Neurology, Radiology, Genetics.
  • Collaboration with UCLA: to develop a unique Ultra High Risk program.
The main activity of the association is the Annual Scientific Meeting, where national and international speakers are invited. The focus is to give psychiatric trainees and early career psychiatrists from all over the country an opportunity to present their work, interact with each other, meet international experts in the field, updating their knowledge. The meeting is held in English and is the only scientific meeting ever done entirely in English in Tunisia.
To this date 6 annual meetings were held focusing on the following topics:
  • Schizophrenia and metabolic syndrome
  • Bipolar and related disorder
  • Trauma & Related Disorders
  • Temperament & Personality Disorders
  • Perspectives in psychiatry: back to the future (in collaboration with the Tunisian Bipolar forum)
  • Transitions: Bridging the gaps
National and international collaboration:
  • 2015, Jeunes Psy organized in collaboration with Pompidou Group (a member of the European Council) the first congress about addiction management in Tunisia.
  • 2016, Jeunes Psy was the main collaborator in the organization of the Spring Scientific Meeting of Razi Hospital.
  • 2017, Jeunes Psy collaborated with IFMSA and held for a week an educational program regarding different aspects of Mental Health for a group of international medical students.
  • 2017, Honorary guest in the Child and Adolescent Congress and was given the organization of its own session.
  • 2017, organization in collaboration with the Tunisian Bipolar Forum, their first Scientific meeting.
  • 2018, organization in collaboration with East Mediterranean Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professionals (EMACAPAP) their 7th research seminar.

Visit our Website:  www.jeunespsy.org